Businesses No Longer Pay Merchant Fees!
Savings are Cash Rebated to Customers!


To understand ReverseTips cash rebate service you first have to understand who Dwolla is. Dwolla is revolutionizing the merchant service industry with its extremely low cost fee structure and enhanced security merchant service.

Dwolla’s merchant service fee is incredibly zero cost under $10 and only 25 cents on all sales at $10 and above! Not only are its costs by far the lowest in the industry but Dwolla enhances security. Fast Company detailed how Dwolla has managed to accomplish this. You should also know that Dwolla has many venture capital firms pouring cash into it.

ReverseTips Industry changing Modifications is master marketing company that studied in depth Dwolla’s marketing of its beneficial cost structure that only benefitted businesses and substantially modified Dwolla’s code to simultaneously benefit both the business and the consumer! ReverseTips convinced businesses that it would be much more beneficial to the business and to its customers if the Dwolla 3% cost savings were transferred to the consumer!

Your first reaction is probably why would I as a business give up my 3% savings due to Dwolla and give it away to my customers? Think about it... without the consumer incentive of receiving 3% cash back on a purchase what good is the businesses getting the 3% if most consumers would continue pulling out a credit card!

By businesses giving the 3% to the consumer the business immediately lowers the cost of its products and services by 3% and that 3% was being lost to merchant service fees anyway! So the business ends up with the ReverseTips cash rebate system that doesn’t cost the business anything more than the fee they were paying for merchant services. The businesses “obligatory 3% merchant fee” is in essence now “TRANSFORMED” into a smart 3% cash rebate “promotional of its business cost!”

The 3% cash back to the consumer gives the business a free loyalty program as the consumer now has the incentive to use the ReverseTips “consumer incentivized” Dwolla cash transfer system.

ReverseTips doesn’t stop there with consumer incentives. The consumer is then given the option of receiving the cash rebate or receives even greater value by having ReverseTips transfer the buyers cash rebate to a “National Brand” (NB) of the buyers choice. If a buyer accumulated $30 of cash rebate value they can get much more than $30 as ReverseTips uses its large purchasing power.


Sellers post within Savings Sites zones Directories the amount of the cash rebate sellers are willing to provide buyers when purchasing. The buyer simply notifies the seller that it would like to use its ReverseTips Dwolla account to pay the seller to obtain the advertised cash rebate. Simple!

If you are a business using ReverseTips/Dwolla is a no brainer. If you are a consumer you will use ReverseTips/Dwolla anytime a seller offers the cash rebate service. If you manage a business that would like to compete for consumers cash back rebates please see the menu tab “Trade Cash Benefits” overview as it as huge benefits.


No Point of Sale (POS) Terminal equipment is needed, no software to buy and there is no monthly statement fee. The service does not in any way change or replace your existing relationship that you may continue to have with merchant service providers.

Business receive cash transfers immediately and can see the payments post in real-time into their Dwolla Account. The business can view the payment received either on their computer or their smart phone. ReverseTips transfers 78% of the cash rebate and keeps only 22% of the cash rebate. So on $100 if the business is transferring 3% ($3.00) the buyer will receive 78% of the $3.00 which is ($2.34). ReverseTips then offers the buyer the option to transfer its cash value to a National Brands to approximate receiving the full $3.00 value.

Any questions please use the Contact Page.

Enjoy ReverseTips cash rebate system with your Dwolla account.